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The Power Of Networking

Over a long career you have the opportunity to meet a lot of people and build relationships. Many of these may be in passing and soon forgotten, others leave a lasting impression and may become part of your network.

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When All Else Fails Read The Instructions

When I was young and immature (just yesterday) I used to think instructions were for the not so smart people. Why would you need instructions, you just need to look at the picture on the front of the Lego box and build it. As I got a little older it was bigger things, but I still had the same mentality – do not look at the instructions unless everything you tried failed.

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Virtue and Vice

Five days a week I receive a commentary in my inbox from Breakpoint. It is a Christian organization that speaks a lot about our worldview. Everyone has one and how that frames who we are and how we look and interact with the world we live in.

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Being Safe

I’m going to be quick today as time is of the essence. I am thinking through the concept of safety at work and what it means to feel safe personally and help create a culture where people feel the same.

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Double The Fun

I mentioned yesterday that I am travelling this week. When on the road I still like to get in a workout if I can. I bring all my gear with me and when I’m checking in I always ask where the “Fitness Centre” is.

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