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Clean Or Dirty

Travelling with a group of people from work is always fun. The days are full and long. However, the mealtime conversations are very stimulating.

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Privacy Concerns

I’m not so sure this is such a big deal. “Metrolinx provided customer Presto data to police 12 times in the past year.” If the requests are legit, then we should not be concerned. Sure they could have informed customers that this is/was happening, but not sure that is really that important either.

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Do You Fidget

I think all people fidget. Some just don’t know it or won’t admit it.

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Power Of The Written Word

How many handwritten “notes” have you done over the past year. I am thinking not a lot.

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Weather You Like It Or Not

The weather where I live has been crazy this spring. One day it’s 30 Celsius and the next day it’s 10 Celsius. It’s sunny one minute and the next minute it is pouring rain.

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