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Being A Hero

I’ve been teaching myself a new skill lately by taking a course on Udemy. It has been great and I am learning a lot about Web Development. I am currently learning about CSS – Cascading Style Sheets.

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Soup – Good For The Soul

Today was the first real cold fall day to hit the area I live. The plan was to go out for dinner this evening with a few family members. The restaurant of choice was The Burnt Tongue.

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Learning A New Skill

Have you ever heard of the 5-Hour rule. The concept is fairly simple. You spend 1 hour per day 5 days per week learning/practicing something new.

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A Socks Worse Nightmare

Now you are probably wondering with a title like that what could this possibly be about. It is no secret that I like designer/fun socks. I am not the most fashionable guy, but when it comes to socks I think I’m pretty cool/hip – whatever you call it these days.

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The Idiot Box

At some point in my childhood my dad or maybe some other family member called our television “the idiot box”. I am sure that the name was given due to the fact that we – me and my two siblings – were watching it too much. You have to remember in those days – 40 years ago – cable was not widely distributed and for the most part rabbit ears (tv antenna) brought in 4 or 5 channels.

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