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The Art Of Distraction

I have a problem at times with distraction/focus. It is not an “always” thing, but when it’s there I notice it. I believe the biggest reason why I cannot focus or am distracted is because I am not fully committed to “the task” that needs to be completed.

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How Much Time

Yesterday I wrote about my internet marketing journey that I am once again rebooting. Let’s not discuss what number reboot this is, you can read that in this post.

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Sucker For Punishment

I am not sure if I am sucker for punishment or not. You see over the past few years I have tried to start a business online that would produce, ultimately, in the end, passive income. I talk about it here, here, here and here – you get the point.

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The Road To Success

Thought I would just check in and provide an update on how my internet marketing journey is going. In my last update, I said that I was going to focus on giving myself more time by “hacking” a few things.

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Mixing It Up

Yesterday I gave an update on how my internet marketing journey was going. It is not going as well as I would like. In fact, I am in a pattern of no action. I talked about why and today is an attempt at getting better.

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