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The Body Speaks

I mentioned a number of times that I used to be overweight and sorely out of shape. Since getting losing all that weight and getting into shape, I am more keenly aware of my body.

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Fit As A Fiddle

Yesterday I talked about getting older and how it’s not a bad thing. I also mentioned that today was the date of my annual physical. Of course, no one really enjoys this annual ritual.

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Tired & Frustrated

I cannot believe how many times I’ve gotten sick this calendar year. In fact, I cannot remember a time when I have been sick more than twice in a year.

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Idiom Origins

We all use idioms in our everyday conversation. Ones like: an arm and a leg, actions speak louder than words, at the drop of a hat, or sick as a dog.

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Sick Of It

While I consider myself in good shape, this has been an exceptionally bad winter for getting sick.

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