Challenge Yourself

This month I am not only doing one rowing challenge, but two. On top of that I am also doing the monthly challenge from the Apple health app.

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Virtual Workout

For the past week the CrossFit box that I attend three times a week has been closed due to the pandemic. I had just talked to the owner about putting my membership on hold at the end of April as we are trying to reduce our expenses.

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Time To Celebrate

It’s time to celebrate. I crossed the 1,000,000 lifetime meters on my indoor rower. May not seem like a lot to those who do not row, but to those who do it is a big milestone.

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A Big Milestone

Since I started CrossFit in December of 2018 indoor rowing quickly became a part of my fitness routine. I had been on a rower before in various gyms that I attended over the years. However I never took a class to learn how to row and just thought I was doing it right.

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On The Road Again

After being down and out (read sick) I am finally back on the road again to my regular weekly physical routine. Maybe I should have been happy for the break, but that is not the case.

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