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Almost Quit

My writing has been dry lately. I’ve been at it daily for almost 5 months now.

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Reason To Celebrate

Today marks the 120th day of my goal to write every day. It is a reason to celebrate as I consider it quite the accomplishment. It might not seem like much, but considering I don’t write for a living and I’m not the best writer, I think it’s truly amazing.

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Maybe Later

I have to say I am fairly skilled at putting things off. Not always, but sometimes I am a ninja in this space.

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Weekend Update

I did not have anything, in particular, that was on my mind today. So I’ve decided to give two quick updates regarding previous posts. Some of my posts are “journeys” that I am on and as such, I should give periodic updates.

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Time To Celebrate

This past Friday was a bit of a milestone for me. You see on January 10th of this year I started writing every day. So while Friday came and went it was the day that I crossed 100 posts.

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