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Its Canada Day

Today we celebrate the 153rd birthday of the country I live in. I call Canada home and am proud to call myself a Canadian. This years celebrations are a little different than previous years due to the pandemic. That being said we still celebrated.

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Watering The Lawn

It has been a hot June and July is starting off exactly the same way. I am very thankful for air conditioning, but I still like to spend time each day outside.

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Greatest Game Invented

I believe myself to a student of the game of golf. I have been golfing for almost 40 years, but until recently didn’t start to become a student.

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Sunday Thoughts

Psalm 9 was the text for today’s sermon. The added heading in the version of the bible that I have is “Celebration of God’s Justice”.

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On Turning One

Tomorrow we will celebrate our grandsons 1st birthday. Even though his official birthday was 2 days ago, tomorrow we party.

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