Crypto Mining

For anyone who has been involved in crypto over the past few years they would understand the concept of mining. If you need a quick primer then check out this video.

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Buying Cryptocurrency in Canada

While I have not purchased a lot of Bitcoin and other crypto over the past few years, I do find myself wanting to do some consistent dollar cost averaging every week. All my past purchases have been through Coinbase in the early days when you paid a small fee and could use your credit card. All of that has changed and for Canadians Coinbase is not the best option these days.

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Bitcoin Halving

I am by far a Bitcoin expert. While I have been aware and have purchased and traded BTC since September 2017, I’d like to think I know a thing or two. However I am learning new things everyday.

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The Other Ledger

Today I received my cryptocurrency hardware wallet. I looked at three different devices before deciding on the Nano Ledger S. The other two wallets that I looked at were Trezor and Keepkey.

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Times are Changing

If you have not heard of Bitcoin, then I would suggest you are probably for the most part living off the grid. I say that with a little tongue and cheek, however for the most part you should have heard about it.

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