Crypto Trading

Yesterday I talked about shutting down my crypto mining experience after 8 month and $20 dollar richer later. I have transfered it to my crypto trading account.

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Closing The Mine

Late last year I started mining crypto. I did not do it to become “rich” like the early days before there were farms, but to learn.

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Mining For Dollars

Back in of October of last year I thought I would use an old PC to start mining some cryptocurrency in particular Monero. I quickly had to abandon this as the CPU on the old computer was so old that it was not supported for mining anymore.

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Breaking Of The Base

I don’t do a lot of Crypto trading, but when I do I like using the QFL Method (check this too). If you do not know who this person is, take a few minutes – ok hours to watch all his videos on youtube.

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Crypto Mining

For anyone who has been involved in crypto over the past few years they would understand the concept of mining. If you need a quick primer then check out this video.

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