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Settling In

I just finished the third week in my new role at work. Things have been busy. My head is full of new information. The team is great and has welcomed me with open arms.

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New Surroundings

I am just starting my second week in my new role at work. I have gone back to an operations (run) role from a short 18 months stint in a quality assurance (deliver) role.

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A Change Is Like A Holiday

Have you ever heard the expression “a change is like a holiday”? I must confess that I subscribe to this line of thinking.

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Finding The Job

I’ve been blessed and always had access to a job. When I was 10 years old I started working full time in the summers. It was a family run business and I was making .10cents an hour. I remember when I go my first raise to .15cents – I was rolling in the money.

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Own Your Career

Inspiration today came via a vlog post from John Saddington. He talks about owning your career. I started to think and decided to write. Continue reading

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