There are two seasons in our house. Burger season and soup season.

Every April I take the barbeque out of hibernation and hook it up for another season. Of course, we cook more than just burgers, but traditionally it is the first thing to be done. Also almost every Sunday from April until November we have burgers for lunch.

Around the 3rd or 4th week of October, I put the barbeque to bed for the winter. By this time we are usually tired of burgers and whatever else we bbq. It is time for soup.

You see almost every Sunday from November to April we have soup. Homemade and of various varieties. There is always leftovers so we can have some during the week too. Warm soup in the winter is good for the soul.

So while traditionally there are four seasons in every year – around here there are two – burgers and soup. Burger season just began 2 weeks ago and the barbeque has already gotten a good workout.