I will be the first to admit that when I was in high school I was “doing time”. It was four years of hard labour and I could not wait to be done with it and move on. But there was one class that I will never forget.

Now you may be thinking it’s phys-ed, but it’s not. It was the typing (now called keyboarding I think) class I took the first year. This is where we learned how to do basic typing. I think I got up to 40+ words per minute.

The typewriters we had were manual, not even electric. No auto carriage return – you had to advance the paper and the carriage using a manual arm. Those were the days. You were not only emotionally invested in what you were doing but also physically.

I believe in that class my final mark was in the high 70’s – one of if not the highest grades I received in all four years. To this day I am using the skills I learned in that class. I type a little faster though and don’t worry as much about spelling.

Every now and then I think about this class or it may come up in conversation. That is how much of an impression it had on me back then and carries to this day. Thank you to my teacher back then for investing the time to teach a group of ornery grade 9 students how to type.