I’m going to be quick today as time is of the essence. I am thinking through the concept of safety at work and what it means to feel safe personally and help create a culture where people feel the same.

Part of me believes that when we truly feel safe we stop telling people what they want to hear. Instead, we start telling them what we think and feel. We actually engage and become part of the living conversation. I think of it as being “all in”. You no longer hold back or even want.

In many ways, you have the courage to speak but are not afraid to be vulnerable. But getting to this space takes time and can vary based on many different things. It’s not a one size fits all or follow this checklist type of thing either.

I certainly do not have this figured out. However, I do know that I want to feel safe personally and I also want those around to feel the same. Lots to think about in this space.