For the past three days I have been battling a nasty head cold. A long time ago I learned that when you are sick it is time to drink lots of fluids and just rest.

About ten years back I thought I would be a hero and work and workout while I was sick. For the most part I thought I was battling through it. Sure I was not going at the pace I was used too, but I was still standing until I got pneumonia.

This was a wakeup call. Instead of being out for few days, I was flat out for two weeks. It did not end there and it took me almost 6 months to feel 100% again. So much for being a hero.

What I learned from this was when you are sick take the time to rest and get well. I am sure your workplace can do without you for a few days and working out actually only makes it worse not better as your body needs the extra energy to fight your sickness.

I sure know what I am going to do next time I get sick – I hope you do too.