Challenge – Day 9

I achieved my first goal in the rowing Christmas Challenge. Today’s row put me over the 100,000 meter mark, in fact my official total to date is 101,597 meters.

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Glass Carving

A few years back we stumbled across an artist a craft show in a town near the cottage we rent in the summer. Right away we were captivated by scenes, but more importantly the medium that the artist chooses to use.

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Challenge – Day 8

Week two started today for my rowing Christmas Challenge. I did not mess with what I am doing and stuck to a workout that I did previously.

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Partner Workouts Twice The Fun

Today’s WOD – Workout of the Day was a partner WOD. It was by no means an easy workout. It had a 16 minute time cap and consisted of 400 double unders or 800 singles (skipping), 200 weighted setups with a 20lbs or 14lbs ball and 100 jump switch lunges while holding the weighted ball above your head.

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Challenge – Day 7

One week is under my belt in the rowing Christmas Challenge. It does not seem like 7 days, but time flies when you commit to something with a goal in mind.

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