Today after a long wait I was able to get into my gardens. It has been a long “wet” spring. I am not complaining, but it has prevented me from getting outside sooner.

It is a holiday here today so I was able to do a lot of outside work.  The weather forecast was for the sun to shine and no rain. This is probably the latest in the season that I have awoken the gardens from their winter slumber.

Not only did I manage to pull all the weeds, I was also able to top dress them with a good layer of cedar mulch. It is really amazing how a new layer of mulch makes the garden come alive. The contrast with the various plants is spectacular.

After mowing the lawn – the darn thing keeps growing, I had some extra time. With that, I decided to put out all the deck furniture. The rugs, the tables, the chairs, the umbrella. All the accessories make the deck come alive and lived in.

So glad for a full day of work outside. Next, I plan to do a complete refresh of our front porch. I’ll take some pics and share. The plan is to start this weekend if the weather holds.