Today I managed to get in 37 holes of golf with a bunch of friends. Yes you read that right thirty-seven.

The weather – for this time of year – could not have been more perfect. It was about 10 degress celcius and a slight overcast most of the day.

The first 18 holes were good and after not having golfed for almost 3 weeks, I thought my score was respectable. At that point our host asked if we wanted to do another 18. There was a resounding “yes” from everyone.

Now most rounds take about 4 hours to complete. We started the second round @ 3:10pm and sunset today was 6:21pm. In order to get the next round in we would need to play “ready” golf. All that means is that if you are ready to shoot, then you play.

I managed to play a better 2nd round, which is unusual because tiredness tends to set in after 27 holes. And we managed to finish the round – and play 1 more hole – before sunset. By this time I was done and ready to call it a day.

Were I live there is not much golf left as the weather is getting a lot colder and most courses are closing over the next few weeks. Hopefully I can get a few more rounds in before then. But like they say “All good things must come to an end”. This has been a great year for golf and I really feel my game coming together.

Till next season then when good things will begin again – well golf that is.