On Tuesday we decided to celebrate our wedding anniversary by going to Niagara Falls. As part of our itinerary we wanted to do a little shopping so we headed across the boarder. With passports in hand we made our way to some of our favourite stores just a few minutes on the other side.

It’s strange to think that we can so easily come and go into another country since we live so close to a border crossing. A few questions, some documentation and you are good to go. We have never had any trouble and I can say that I enjoy spending time in “America”. I am also very thankful that DT has not asked that a wall be build north of the border…yet.

After our brief five hour trip of shopping and sightseeing, we headed back across with a few new items. The Border Patrol asked the obligatory questions: “Citizenship” and “Anything to declare”. After showing our documentation once again we were on our way back home.