Now you are probably wondering with a title like that what could this possibly be about. It is no secret that I like designer/fun socks. I am not the most fashionable guy, but when it comes to socks I think I’m pretty cool/hip – whatever you call it these days.

It has been several years since I started wearing/collecting socks. You can probably imagine that I have quite a collection by now. In fact at one point I was a member of a sock of the month club. Yes there is a club for just about anything these days.

Fast forward a few years and some strange things started to happen. Like all things that get used a lot my socks started to wear thin. Not surprising, but still a little alarming. Then out of nowhere it happened. I went to put on a pair and noticed – wait for it – a hole.

Now of course in any collection you have favourites and my socks were no different. And of course my favourite pair got a hole in them. It was a sad day for sure as I had to retire them to the garbage bin (cue sad music).

While it was disappointing to have to discard a pair, I have many others that I like. However what started as one pair has turned into 2 and then 3 and as of this morning I threw out my 5th pair.

It would seem that I have an outbreak of holes in my sock drawer. I am sure there will be more pairs departing my the drawer soon. There is of course a bright side to all of this. I am growing my collection again and have asked for more for my birthday and Christmas.

So while a socks worse nightmare is a hole the good news is it almost always leads to a new pair.