Today is International Day of Happiness. (You thought I was going to say the first Day of Spring).

On my walk to work this morning there were lots of displays with balloons and signs signalling the occasion. Up till yesterday, I did not even know the day existed. But it does not surprise me.

Now I’m not one to be a scrooge, but why do we need a day set aside for happiness. Sure we live in a messy world with messy relationships, but most days are not too bad. I’d like to think most days I am happy at certain points.

To me, this seems silly. Every day on the calendar now needs to represent something. There are no more normal days. It started with the traditional holidays but has exploded into everything from secretary day to PI day.

I must admit some of these days are fun like Star Wars day – May the 4th (be with you). But for the most part, I don’t play too close attention. Maybe it’s just a marketing ploy by retailers to get us to buy more stuff.

So while I am happy most days, I really don’t see the need to celebrate it on just one day. I would say “It’s good to be alive” every day of the week.

I wonder if there is an International day of anger or of melancholy?