Have you ever heard the expression “a change is like a holiday”? I must confess that I subscribe to this line of thinking.

Change is constant in our lives. It’s happening all the time on a micro level really. But the change I’m referring to is bigger and has potentially a significant impact.

I am about to make a role change a work. I am leaving behind a great team that I’ve helped foster over the last 18 months. But now I am moving to a new team that I have the opportunity to make an impact on.

To me, it is like I am going on a holiday. The excitement is building. I’m finishing off last few things in my old role before I start the new one. I am anticipating my new location and team.

All of this brings to the surface many of the raw emotions I experience every time I go on vacation. So no wonder larger/positive change in our lives feels like a holiday. Perhaps it’s not the same for you, but it does stir some type of emotion.

Now I just need to finish packing my bags.