I just recently passed 700 tweets – cue celebration music. Is this really noteworthy? Not really, but I noticed and thought I would reflect a little.

I joined Twitter back in 2009. I’m currently following 103 people and have 21 followers. That might not sound like a lot of followers, but I still know each one by name.

Some quick statistics would say that I post about 87 tweets a year or 7 per month. Not a lot really, but truth be told most of the 700 have been sent in the last 2 months.

Recently I started to write every day via this blog. Every post gets automatically posted to Twitter and few of my other social channels. Additionally, I’ve been engaging with a community that has us tweeting something every day.

I guess that the next few months will see that number increase a lot quicker than it has in the past. The next milestone if there is one is probably 1000. Not sure I will have anything to reflect on, though.

So 700 really isn’t anything special, but it’s fun to reflect and made for a daily topic when I wasn’t feeling too inspired.