MonthJune 2017

Playing With A Full Deck

It’s Friday and for most of the day, I worked from home as I was travelling all week. Once most of my day job activities were complete it was time to hit the deck. My goal is to have it completed by July 8th. This is the day we host a family picnic.

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Being Safe

I’m going to be quick today as time is of the essence. I am thinking through the concept of safety at work and what it means to feel safe personally and help create a culture where people feel the same.

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Clean Or Dirty

Travelling with a group of people from work is always fun. The days are full and long. However, the mealtime conversations are very stimulating.

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Double The Fun

I mentioned yesterday that I am travelling this week. When on the road I still like to get in a workout if I can. I bring all my gear with me and when I’m checking in I always ask where the “Fitness Centre” is.

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Almost Quit

My writing has been dry lately. I’ve been at it daily for almost 5 months now.

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