MonthJune 2017


Today I ran into someone who used to report to me at work. As part of an outtasking agreement, he moved to the services company. I had not seen him in almost 2 years.

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Virtue and Vice

Five days a week I receive a commentary in my inbox from Breakpoint. It is a Christian organization that speaks a lot about our worldview. Everyone has one and how that frames who we are and how we look and interact with the world we live in.

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Summer Heat

Summer has finally arrived. While it does not officially arrive until June 21st, it has been really hot the last few days.

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What’s A Rerun

In the “old days” before the advent of the digital video recorder or streaming on the internet, there were reruns.

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Every Bone Aches

The day started innocently enough with a 6:30 am workout. From there I continued working on my deck for the better part of the day. I managed to mow the lawn and ended the day assembling our replacement gazebo.

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