MonthMay 2017

I’m Board

In our family, it has been a tradition for years that we play a game during get togethers. It is usually some type of board game that can be played in pairs or in large groups.

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I Have A Problem

A little while back I mentioned that I was a bit of a fashion noob. In my attempts to put myself out there a little I’ve created a new problem.

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Home Sweet Home

I’ve been on the road most of the week travelling. I took a redeye back last night and arrived home just as the sun was coming up.

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Defining The Relationship

This week is quickly coming to an end. I’ve been travelling with a group of people from my team. Lot’s of cities and just as many meetings with team members and business partners.

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Nice Walk And A Little White Ball

It is no secret that I enjoy the game of golf. I not only enjoy playing the game, I enjoy watching it too. I admire the skill that pro golfers have with such a small ball and small target.

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