MonthMay 2017

Weather You Like It Or Not

The weather where I live has been crazy this spring. One day it’s 30 Celsius and the next day it’s 10 Celsius. It’s sunny one minute and the next minute it is pouring rain.

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To Work Or Not To Work

That is the question. Last night I had an opportunity to start working on my front deck reno/refresh. I had a great day at work, followed by an excellent workout, so I was full of energy.

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Going Further

The other day I talked about doing a purge of my social media accounts. I have started, but there are still several more to go. It got me thinking though that I can do more in this space.

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A Bit Of A Departure

Ever since I got back in shape, I’ve thought about what the ideal body type would be. Since I don’t do hardcore weight training, the Arnold Swartzenegger look is probably out. I’ve always thought more of a “chiselled” Chuck Norris look is what I was going for.

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A Full Day

Today was a Saturday like any other. Lots to do on my list and all day to tackle it. I usually over commit on Saturdays, but that’s because I have little time during the week to do any of the tasks.

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