MonthApril 2017

When To Think Out Loud

I have at various times thought “when do your private thoughts become public words?”.

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The Body Speaks

I mentioned a number of times that I used to be overweight and sorely out of shape. Since getting losing all that weight and getting into shape, I am more keenly aware of my body.

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Time To Celebrate

This past Friday was a bit of a milestone for me. You see on January 10th of this year I started writing every day. So while Friday came and went it was the day that I crossed 100 posts.

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What’s In A Name

I was reading a commentary today about how naming your children is such an important event. Not just in your life, but more importantly in your child’s life.

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The Stone Was Rolled Away

Today is Easter Sunday. The day that we celebrate Jesus Christ’s resurrection from the dead. The final enemy has been conquered. Hallelujah, what a Saviour. You can read the story here – Matthew 28

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