Buying Cryptocurrency in Canada

While I have not purchased a lot of Bitcoin and other crypto over the past few years, I do find myself wanting to do some consistent dollar cost averaging every week. All my past purchases have been through Coinbase in the early days when you paid a small fee and could use your credit card. All of that has changed and for Canadians Coinbase is not the best option these days.

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Giving Thanks

Today is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada and I thought I would share a great quote by Charles Dickens. This really sums up how I am feeling after a day that included good food, good company and lots and lots of food.

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The Fiery Furnace

Daniel 3 tells the story of how King Nebuchadnezzar builds a 90ft gold statue of himself. He orders all the people of every tribe and nation to bow down to the statue when the hear the “music” play. Should anyone not bow down they are to be thrown into a fiery furnace for their disobedience.

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Bitcoin Halving

I am by far a Bitcoin expert. While I have been aware and have purchased and traded BTC since September 2017, I’d like to think I know a thing or two. However I am learning new things everyday.

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If the House Burns Down Tonight

I’ve talked here before about Christian Music. One of the bands that I have listened to for years is Switchfoot. Their lead singer is Jon Foreman. Jon not only composes great music, but lyrically he is amazing and I have found few that have rivalled him – perhaps the late singer songwriter Mark Heard runs a close second.

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