Time Travel

I like shows, movies and reading books that involve time travel. Not sure the exact reason why, but perhaps it’s the complexity it brings.

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Goodbye Flash

Do you have a love / hate relationship with Adobe Flash? Did you know that it is almost 25 years old? Well I am sure you know that Adobe will officially end support and distribution in December.

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A New Skill

Never be afraid to try something new.

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Neowise Comet

Astronomers discovered a new comet in March. Comet C/2020 F3 or Neowise can now be seen in the morning sky and if it does not break up in the evening sky soon.

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Making Hay

On Mondays I golf with a group of friends. Today was that day. I was getting prepared – made sure I had enough golf balls, washed the ones I recently found and put my clubs in the car trunk.

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