Spending Quality Time

Today we had opportinity once again to take care of our grandson for a few hours. We love spending time with him as he has been such a blessing in our lives since he was born in June.

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Challenge – Day 11

It’s Sunday and according to me it should be a day of rest . However I am taking part in the Christmas Rowing Challenge from Concept 2 so it means everyday is a row day. I will rest once the I’ve hit my goal of 200,000 meters.

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In Love With The Idea

Do you ever find yourself thinking about something that you would like to do and get real excited about it. But when it comes time to execute or try, it seems to loose its appeal.

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Challenge – Day 10

I made it to double digits today – it was my 10th day rowing in the Christmas Challenge. It’s hard to believe that I have managed to keep this up for 10 straight days, and yet here we are.

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Recycle This

Today I managed to get rid of the last leaves that I had raked up off our back lawn last week. Good thing too as the snow and ice came the very next day. There were twelve bags full ready to go to the recycling transfer station.

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