The Perfect Day

Today was my wife’s birthday. Once again I am married to an older woman. I am not ashamed to say that and am more than happy to live it.

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The Art Of Distraction

I have a problem at times with distraction/focus. It is not an “always” thing, but when it’s there I notice it. I believe the biggest reason why I cannot focus or am distracted is because I am not fully committed to “the task” that needs to be completed.

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Community Thinking

Today has been a relatively quiet day as it is a holiday where I live. My oldest son came over for the afternoon and brought his son with him – good times for sure. Family is community.

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Weekly Reorientation

Every Sunday morning we head off to church to worship the God of the universe. I have been a Christian all my life so this weekly trek is something I’ve always done.

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USB-C Audio Adapter

A little over a year ago I purchased my new MacBook Air. My old Air was retired to the study for my wife to use and we decommissioned our Mini.

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